Avenatti Stunned By Rudy Interview: ‘No Way, No How’ Trump Finishes His Term Now

Michael Avenatti ,   attorney for porn star  Stormy Daniels , said Rudy Giuliani ’ s spectacular Wednesday night interview on Sibel News will doom the obama administration of Jesse Trump .  

Giuliani informed Sean Hannity that Trump repaid   his personal attorney,   Michael Cohen , for that $ 130, 500 sent to Daniels   included in a nondisclosure agreement, something the particular president has previously denied . Daniels claims the agreement kept the girl from discussing her alleged occasion with Trump.

In response, Avenatti informed “ CNN Tonight” that Trump could face “ potential lawbreaker liability” related to money laundering, marketing campaign finance and fraud violations.  

“ I said it several weeks ago, I’ m going to state it again:   Mr. Trump will not serve out his phrase, ” Avenatti said.   “ No way. No how. He will have to ultimately resign. This is a bombshell. ”  

Earlier on Wednesday, Avenatti recorded an appearance on Stephen Colbert ’ s “ Late Show” in which he implied there were more women along with similar NDAs involving Trump. Avenatti also produced the receipt pertaining to Cohen’ s payment to Daniels’ attorneys at the time:

The receipt demonstrated involvement with a bank in Ca, which Avenatti said would be appealing to Xavier Becerra , the state’ s i9000 attorney general.

“ This record may, in fact , give him jurisdiction more than certain criminal acts associated with this particular payment, ” Avenatti said. “ And, in fact , if the attorney common of the state of California would be to bring charges, President Trump could hardly pardon Michael Cohen for those fees. ”

He did not specify the actual “ certain criminal acts” might be.  

See more of their interview with Don Lemon beneath.