Chelsea Manning To Run For U.S. Senate In Maryland

Chelsea Manning, the former Army personal convicted of sharing classified authorities documents with Wikileaks, has submitted to run for the U. S. United states senate in Maryland.

Manning, 30,   plans to run as a Democrat, based on federal election filings first reported by Washington Post   Sunday.

The whistleblower and transgender activist was launched from prison in-may 2017 after serving seven many years. President Barack Obama commuted   the girl sentence in January 2017.

Throughout her time in prison, Manning grew to become a symbol of transgender rights once the LGBTQ community rallied around the girl after she went on a craving for food strike to protest officials which denied her request for  gender confirmation treatment.   Manning, who was assigned man at birth and transitioned throughout her imprisonment, ended her hit after the Army complied with the girl request.  

“ Like far too many people in jail, particularly transgender women, Chelsea Manning has had to survive unthinkable violence through the seven years of her incarceration, ” Chase Strangio, staff attorney using the American Civil Liberties Union,   said in a statement following the girl release from prison. “ Lastly, she will be leaving prison plus building a life beyond the bodily walls of the many sites of the girl detention. It is a remarkable gift towards the world that Chelsea will be able to develop and fight alongside us meant for justice. ”

Manning would be running against Liberal Ben Cardin, who has served 2 terms in the Senate.