Conservative Pollster Sounds The Alarm: GOP Could Lose Both House And Senate

A conservative pollster has some poor news for the GOP: President Donald Trump ’ s sagging poll figures could cost the party power over both houses of Congress.  

“ I think the Republicans have been in deep trouble in the House and the United states senate as well, ” Frank Luntz mentioned on Sunday on Fox News . “ If the election were held nowadays, frankly, I think Republicans would get rid of both. ”

He said the particular economy is in good shape, but Trump isn’ t getting credit for this.

Luntz indicated the GOP nevertheless has plenty of time to turn it close to, but they’ ll need several help from the president.  

“ If Donald Trump wants to maintain a Republican Congress, he has in order to differentiate when he’ s assaulting Congress in general versus the Republicans within Congress, ” Luntz said. “ Differentiate when he’ s assaulting the press versus when he or she feels he’ s not obtaining a fair shake. ”

He furthermore urged Trump to tweet much less.

While some analysts have said the particular Democrats come with an edge when it comes to taking House in this year’ s midterm election, the Senate is another tale.  

Democrats are not only defending a lot more seats in the upper chamber, yet several are in states Trump received in 2016, including Florida, Indianapolis, Missouri, Ohio, North Dakota plus West Virginia.

However , Luntz’ ersus comments echo those made by GOP leaders.  

Last week,   United states senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky. ) admitted the party had been facing a “ challenging” yr.  

“ We know the blowing wind is going to be in our face, ” he or she told Kentucky Today.   “ We don’ to know whether it’ s likely to be a Category 3, 4 or 5 . ”  

Sen. Ted Jones (R-Tex. )  issued an even starker warning last month.  

“ If conservatives are complacent, plus mark my words, we are going to see historic turnout from the extreme still left in November, ”   Johnson told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in early March. “ Meaning if conservatives stay home, we have the, we could get rid of both houses of Congress . ”