Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego: I’ll work with Trump ‘when his ideas aren’t stupid’

Washington (CNN) Below fire from the White House, Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego of Az called President Donald Trump’s method of the border “stupid” and charged him of deploying the Nationwide Guard as a “political ploy. inch

Gallego’s comments came a day after White-colored House press secretary Sarah Sanders railed against him as being uncooperative with Trump on border safety and immigration.
“If that congressman is really concerned, maybe he ought to appear and actually support legislation that would repair these problems, ” Sanders stated Wednesday. “Instead of blaming the particular President, who is actually trying to do something positive about it, we’d like to see him work together with us in partnership and actually take a step instead of just complain about it. ”

Trump upon Wednesday signed a memorandum to deploy the National Safeguard to the US-Mexico border.

In the interview Thurs, Gallego said the Trump management is pulling members of the Nationwide Guard out of their private lifestyles and deploying them to the boundary to “try to solve a politics problem” and throw “red meat” to the President’s base.
“These National Guardsmen aren’t even going to have arresting power, ” Gallego said. “They’re not even going to be able to hold weaponry, but we’re going to put them out within the desert and basically make them remain around just for, you know, political display so these politicians can state they’re doing something. ”
Gallego furthermore rebuked the administration for not arriving at an agreement with congressional Democrats upon immigration.
Trump has continued to rail towards Democrats on border security plus immigration, recently declaring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — a program to shield some unrecorded immigrants from deportation that their administration announced it would end — ” probably dead” after a insufficient progress on legislation.