Dick Durbin Was In The Room And Confirms Trump Made ‘Shithole’ Comments

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill. ) said Friday that he heard Leader Donald Trump make “ hate-filled, vile and racist” comments in order to lawmakers that the president is now question.

Durbin, who was on the White House meeting on Thurs to discuss immigration, is the first to take the record confirming reports that Trump known African nations since “ shithole countries, ” which the U. S. should “ take… out” Haitians currently residing in the U. S.   Trump reportedly also commented that the Oughout. S. should accept more migrants from Norway.  

Trump on Friday claimed on Tweets that he didn’ t use the vocabulary attributed to him about Haitians, yet neither he nor the Whitened House has directly denied their comments on African countries.

Durbin, speaking to reporters on Friday, contradicted Trump’ s claim.

“ I cannot believe that in the great the White House, in that Oblong Office, any president has actually spoken the words that I personally noticed our president speak yesterday, ”   Durbin said. “ You’ ve seen the comments in the push. I’ ve not read one of these that’ s inaccurate. ”

Durbin added: “ He said these types of hate-filled things and he said all of them repeatedly. ”  

Trump produced the comments during an immigration ending up in Durbin and six Republican congress: Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S. D. ), David Perdue (R-Ga. ), Tom Cotton (R-Ark. ); Home Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif. ), and Reps. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Va. ) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla. ), according to MSNBC.

Durbin and Graham pitched Trump over the outlines of a deal they and the like in a six-senator bipartisan group designed to resolve the legal status associated with Dreamers, the young undocumented migrants who came to the U. T. as children.

Nearly 700, 500 Dreamers are at risk of dropping deportation relief and work enables ― or already have ― mainly because Trump ended the Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals program, or even DACA.

Democrats want protections regarding Dreamers included in a measure upon government spending, which must go by a Jan. 19 deadline to avoid a federal government shutdown .  

Trump reports he wants to help Dreamers, yet only if this individual gets something in return : their border wall and other security steps, an end to the diversity visa lottery, and limits on family-based visas, which the president derisively refers to as “ chain migration. ”

Trump has falsely stated that other nations use the diversity visa lottery to deliver their “ worst people” towards the U. S. A large proportion associated with diversity visa lottery recipients originate from African nations.  

Durbin, Graham and their allies drafted an idea that would eliminate the diversity visa lottery as Trump demanded, but will allow some immigrants currently in the Oughout. S. under temporary protected standing, which lets people stay in the nation after natural disasters or additional crises in their home nations. The particular Trump administration is ending these protections for people from Haiti , El Salvador and Nicaragua , and suggested it will the actual same for Hondurans.

Durbin mentioned that’ s when he informed Trump about the numbers of people who keep temporary protected status from different countries, including Haiti.

“ He or she said, ’ Haitians, do we require more Haitians? ’ ” Durbin said.

Trump then made “ vile and vulgar comments” regarding African nations, Durbin said, contacting them “ shitholes. ”

The particular slur was “ the exact term used by the president ― not only once, but repeatedly, ” mentioned Durbin.

Graham spoke up, dealing with Trump’ s harsh language,   which Durbin said “ got extraordinary political courage. ”  

Graham, in a statement Friday mid-day, didn’ t specifically confirm Trump’ s words,   but stated he appreciated what Durbin stated about him.

“ Following responses by the President, I said our piece directly to him yesterday, ” Graham said in the statement. “ The President and all those participating in the meeting know what I assumed and how I feel. I’ ve surely believed that America is an proposition, not defined by its guys and women but by its ideals. ”

Durbin also recounted a “ heartbreaking moment” when Trump along with others “ scoffed” at his criticism about the importance of family-based immigration. The very president and his allies have said one of the U. S. should move to virtually any “ merit-based” system rather than acknowledging people based on family ties, making reference to anyone but spouses and a minimal amount of children as “ extended cherished ones. ”

“ Chain migration” like a term is offensive, Durbin suggested he told the president.

“ I said to the president, were you aware how painful that term needs to be so many people? African-Americans believe that they moved to America in chains, subjects you speak about ‘ chain alpage, ’ it hurts them personally, ” Durbin said. “ He mentioned, ‘ Oh, that’ s a suitable line. ’ ”

In a declaration after Trump’ s comments would be first reported, the White Property or home do not deny them .

But Overcome on Friday insisted the cong