Dodge Super Bowl Ad Used MLK Quote To Sell Trucks And People Are Not Happy

Dodge Ram tried to use a Matn Luther King Jr. speech to market trucks in a Super Bowl advertisement on Sunday.

The minute-long ad features a clip of King’ s “ Drum Major Instinct” sermon , which he delivered fifty years ago on Feb. 4, late 1960s. The audio plays over spectacular shots of athletes training, troops reuniting with families and children learning in classrooms.  

“ If you want to make a difference, wonderful. If you want to be recognized, fantastic. If you want to be great, wonderful, ” King’ s voice says. “ But recognize that he who is finest among you shall be your stalwart. That’ s a new definition of success. ”

Just after the words “ a brand new definition of greatness, ” a Avoid Ram truck comes coursing via mud and water in adoring slo-mo, and it becomes clear exactly what this video is actually about.  

The ad ends with a nevertheless that reads, “ Built to provide: Ram. ”  

People were, obviously, not very happy with Dodge’ s try to profit off of one of history’ ersus greatest social justice advocates.

“ So that means the King kids allowed Dr . King’ s tone of voice to be used to sell me a Dodge pickup truck, ” author Michael Arceneaux tweeted .

Bernice King, Martin Luther King’ s youngest daughter, replied merely: “ No . ”

Viewers directed to the irony of the NFL co-signing an ad that tries to profit from King’ s activism while  shutting out   Colin Kaepernick and his protests associated with police brutality and systemic racism .  

“ Black individuals cant kneel and play soccer but MLK should be used to market trucks during the super bowl, ” writer and comedian Akilah Hughes tweeted. “ Unbelievable. ”  

Actor John Cusack also indicated his disappointment, tweeting: “ Mlk who died striking with employees decrying militarism & imperial battle makers ― used to [sell] shiny trucks with walking in line soldiers ― corporate America nbc nfl should be ashamed. ”

Dodge defended the ad in a declaration Sunday   night, and said this was  “ honored to have the opportunity of working with the Estate associated with Martin Luther King Jr. in order to celebrate those words during the biggest TV viewing event annually. ” The automaker added: “ Property representatives were a very important part of the innovative process every step of the way. ”

Listed here are some more reactions to Dodge’ ersus ad.  

This article continues to be updated to include a statement through Dodge.