Don Lemon Unloads On Trump Over RacistInsults In Epic New Takedown

CNN’ s Wear Lemon seems to have virtually reached his limit when it comes to Leader Donald Trump ’ s use of ethnic slurs.  

During a White House occasion honoring Indigenous American WWII veterans on Monday, Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. ) “ Pocahontas. ”

Lemon said the comment was “ met with surprised silence…   because everyone in this room knew it was a hurtful slur directed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren. ”  

As Lemon pointed out, Trump has used the slur repeatedly despite Natives asking him to stop … plus that’ s not the only team he’ s insulted.

The “ CNN Tonight” anchor played a series of videos showing Trump insulting other people plus ethnic groups, including his birther lies about President Barack Obama .      

“ This aspect of Jesse Trump isn’ t new. This goes back for years, ” Lemon stated. “ In fact , I asked your pet about it two years ago, when he or she was still a candidate. This is what he or she told me. ”

In the clip, Trump states he’ s  “ the least hurtful person that you have ever met. ”  

But Lemon isn’ t purchasing it anymore.

“ Just because you state you’ re not racist doesn’ t make it so , ” mentioned Lemon. “ Especially if you say, perform and defend racist behavior repeatedly and over again. Especially if you have lost your own credibility by telling countless is situated, big and small. ”

Discover his full takedown in the video above.