Dutch Olympics Fans Troll Trump With Genius Flag Message

Dutch fans attending the 2018 Winter Olympics   took a shot in U. S. President Donald Trump on Saturday.

The Netherlands’ Carlijn Achtereekte, Ireen Wust and Antoinette De Jong scored the gold, silver precious metal and bronze medals   respectively in the women’ s 3 or more, 000-meter speed skating event within Pyeongchang, South Korea.

And their own supporters  couldn’ t resist trolling Trump by unfurling their nation’ s flag on which “ Apologies Mr. President. The Netherlands First… Plus 2nd… And 3rd” had been composed, per Mashable.

It was a mocking reference to Trump’ s  “ The united states First” policy.

Illustrator  Marc-Jan Janssen   furthermore chimed in with a similar joke upon Twitter: