‘Enormous’ wildcat found in Aberdeenshire

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Media caption Among the largest wildcats ever recorded on earth has been discovered

One of the biggest wildcats ever recorded in the world continues to be discovered by field workers within Aberdeenshire’s Clashindarroch Forest.

Nicknamed the Clashindarroch Beast, it had been captured on camera and is approximated to be 4ft (1. 2m) through nose to tail.

The footage was collected as part of a Scottish wildcat preservation project operating across the Highlands.

Remote traps are baited with food or scent, plus anytime something passes in front of this the camera shoots video.

Kev Bell, industry worker at Wildcat Haven, stated: “I’ve been fortunate to get video footage of quite a few of these ghost felines; there’s about 10 to 15 of them within the Clashindarroch.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes after i first saw this cat, they are enormous, a magnificent animal. ”

‘Rarest animals’

The technology is used all over the world to identify populations of rare plus elusive species such as wildcats.

Kev said: “The digital cameras give us amazing insight for this priceless group of wildcats which have in some way survived here and avoided hybridisation.

“Some individuals say that the wildcat doesn’t can be found anymore but we know different plus wildcats like ‘The Beast’ confirm it. ”

Dorrie Sleigh, another fieldworker with Wildcat Haven, added: “These cats really are a vital part of Scotland’s wild character and ecology, and they must be guarded wherever they live; they are among the rarest animals in the world. ”

The project involves the particular neutering of feral domestic felines across more than 1, 000 sq . miles of the West Highlands.

This is done to prevent the excessive predation of rabbits and rats which would otherwise impact the survival of wildcats in the area.

The Clashindarroch Animal will continue to be monitored as well as wildcat populations in Caithness and Lochaber, in which the project began a decade ago.