Eric Trump: My Dad Isn’t Racist Because He Only Sees 1 Color, Green

Eric Trump set Twitter ditch Wednesday with a flimsy defense associated with his father against accusations associated with racism.

President  Jesse Trump’ s 2nd son told “ Fox & Friends” his dad couldn’ capital t possibly be racist because he only “ sees one color, green. ”

“ That’ s all he or she cares about. He cares regarding the economy. Right, he does not discover race, ” Eric Trump stated. “ He’ s the least hurtful person I have ever met within my entire life. It is total nonsense. ”

Eric Trump offered the protection during a discussion of last week’ s White House meeting upon immigration, when participants said their father described Haiti and some Africa nations as “ shithole nations. ” Trump  denied using those words , but Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill. ) who was present,   contradicted him   and said the president frequently used the racist insult.

Eric Trump said it was “ very sad” that his father’ s experts would continue to demonize the leader, even if he cured cancer.

Lots of people, however , called out the Trump scion’ s defense, claiming this shows how the Trump administration has been only looking out for itself.

Here’ t a sampling of reaction upon Twitter: