FEMA Is Almost Out of Money and Hurricane Irma Is Approaching

With Texas still reeling through Hurricane Harvey and another thunderstorm barreling toward Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Company is expected to be depleted of money by Friday, according to the Senate aide, putting pressure upon Congress to provide more funding immediately.

As of 10 the. m. Tuesday morning, FEMA’ h Disaster Relief Fund, which will pay for the agency’ s disaster reaction and recovery activity, had simply $1. 01 billion on hand. Along with that, just $541 million has been " immediately available" for reaction and recovery efforts related to Storm Harvey, according to a spokeswoman with regard to FEMA who asked not to end up being identified by name.

The $1. 01 billion within the fund Tuesday morning is less than 50 % of the $2. 14 billion which was there at 9 a. mirielle. last Thursday morning — the spend rate of $9. three or more million every hour, or regarding $155, 000 a minute.

The agency will be out of funds just as Irma, the category 5 hurricane, might begin thrashing the coast of Sarasota.

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" If it’ s right down to $1 billion or less, i then would say there’ s an excellent concern, " said Elizabeth Zimmerman, who until January was FEMA’ s associate administrator for the workplace of response and recovery. " Congress needs to take action very quickly. "

President Donald Trump’ s administration has asked Our elected representatives for an injection of almost $8 billion in additional funds.

The House is voting Wednesday on funding for Harvey. The Senate, which is expected to function this week as well, is considering regardless of whether to add a suspension of the government debt limit to the measure. The particular legislation would then go back to the home.

Meanwhile, FEMA has restricted spending as to what it calls " immediate needs" — what it calls " lifesaving, life-sustaining response efforts" for Harvey and Irma. Zimmerman said the particular agency can also start pulling cash from other projects.

Yet without more money, Zimmerman said, the particular agency will be hard-pressed to deal with what’ s coming. " We’ lso are not even at peak hurricane time of year, " she said.

Irma comes after Hurricane Harvey, which usually smashed ashore in Texas August. 25 causing widespread damage, energy outages and flooding and using almost a fifth of Oughout. S. oil refining capacity off-line.