Former Mexican President Issues Stark Warning To U.S. Farmers About Trump

Former Mexican President  Vicente Fox   provides warned American farmers that they will function as the ones to suffer if a business war breaks out between the Oughout. S. and Mexico.

On Friday’ s “ Early morning Joe , ” Fox described how U. S. agriculture will be hurt if President Donald Trump follows through on his repeated threats   to renegotiate the American Free Trade Agreement.

“ Be careful, ” said Fox,   handling the camera directly. “ South america buys from you every year over $40 billion worth of corn, and today we went down south to buy that will corn from Argentina, from Brazilian. ”

“ You better talk up, because this guy is getting you to nowhere, ” Fox additional. “ And you consumers, this industry war, you’ re going to pay out the price for it. You U. H. American citizen-consumers, you are going to pay the cost. ”

Watch Fox’ s complete comments below: