Former South Korean President Park sentenced to 24 years in prison

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) A South Korean courtroom has found former President Recreation area Geun-hye guilty on multiple matters of abuse of power, bribery and coercion and sentenced the girl to 24 years in jail.

“The President abused the power that was given to her by the citizens, inch the judge said, adding a difficult sentence was needed to send a strong message to the country’s future commanders. Prosecutors had asked for Park to get a 30 year sentence.

Park has been found guilty of 16 of the eighteen charges she faced, related to a huge influence-peddling case that removed the girl from office last year. As well as the jail sentence she was also fined $17 million.

The former president was not in the Seoul Central District Court to hear the particular verdict. Park and her attorneys refused to participate after the courtroom decided to live broadcast the view, the first time this has happened in Southern Korea, after a law was flushed last year to enable it.

Park solicitor’s are expected to appeal her phrase.
Outside of the court, hundreds of supporters of Recreation area had gathered to watch the decision on a large screen, waving Korean and US flags and phoning for the former president’s release. Old, conservative South Koreans, who appreciated the dictatorship of Park’s dad fondly as a period of strength for your country, were her electoral foundation and a common sight throughout the impeachment process.

Dramatic downfall

South Korea’s first female president, and the child of former dictator Park Chung-hee, Park Geun-hye was arrested within March 2017 shortly after she has been stripped of her office with the country’s Constitutional Court, which maintained a parliamentary vote to impeach her.
That vote came after numerous South Koreans took to the roads over a period of several months to demand Park’s ouster, after revelations of the claimed massive influence wielded by the girl adviser and confidant, Choi Soon-sil.
Choi, the daughter of a cult head once offender of having “complete control of Park’s body and soul throughout her formative years, ” kept no political office but can be accused of using her impact over the President to funnel cash to organizations she controlled and obtain her daughter a place at an top notch university.

    South Korea’s ousted President behind bars (2017)

Recreation area was accused of being unduly inspired by Choi. The court which usually upheld her impeachment agreed along with accusations that Park had mistreated her authority in helping Choi increase donations from companies for fundamentals she had set up.
In February, Choi was sentenced in order to 20 years in jail on 18 charges including mistreatment of power, coercion, fraud plus bribe, and fined $16. six million.
Also implicated in the scandal had been Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong. The particular 49-year-old billionaire was found doing bribery and other corruption charges a year ago and sentenced to five many years in prison, but in February an increased court decreased his sentence plus suspended it for four yrs.