Government shuts down as lawmakers still searching for a deal

(CNN) The us government shut down at midnight Friday as senators continued to scramble to reach the deal to fund the government.

This is the first contemporary government shutdown with Congress as well as the White House controlled by the exact same party, and it comes on the one-year wedding anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.
Trump’s White House however instantly blamed Democrats for the shutdown.

“Tonight, they put politics over our national security, military family members, vulnerable children, and our nation’s ability to serve all Americans, inch White House press secretary Dorothy Sanders said in a statement times before midnight. “We will not make a deal the status of unlawful migrants while Democrats hold our legitimate citizens hostage over their careless demands. This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. ”
Trump and his associates had been labeling the event the “Schumer shutdown” after Senate Minority Head Chuck Schumer, but the New York Liberal was quick to call it “the Trump shutdown. ”

“It’s almost just like you were rooting for a shutdown, inch Schumer said from the Senate flooring. “And now we will have one. As well as the blame should crash entirely upon President Trump’s shoulders. This will be the Trump shutdown. This will be called the Trump shutdown because there is no one, no one, who else deserves the blame for the place we find ourselves in than Leader Trump. ”
Sixty votes were needed to move forward the bill to keep the government open up for four weeks. Republicans only manage 51 seats, so GOP frontrunners needed Democratic votes to mix that threshold. It failed 50-49.

Key issue is setting to start a date

Among the key issues Friday has been how much time to extend funding. The House passed a measure Thursday night night to continue financing the government through February 16, which measure is the one that failed in the United states senate early Saturday morning. Democrats have got pushed for a shorter-term continuing quality of a couple days. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican that said he would not vote for your House proposal, pushed a plan to help keep the government open until February almost eight.
Following the vote, McConnell said he will provide a new continuing resolution to fund the federal government through February 8. McConnell stated he wanted to introduce it in this early morning session, but he was not able to for procedural reasons also it wasn’t clear if that calculate would have enough Democrats it to progress.
“I’ll become offering an amendment to change the particular date to February the 8th, ” McConnell said around twelve: 30 a. m. ET. “Unfortunately we’ll not be able to get that will vote tonight… And that’s the time the senator from South Carolina, the particular senior senator from South Carolina that will I’ve been talking about, Democratic leader and am have been talking about, which begins to shift a little bit close to our friends on the other hand said they wanted to be. yet a reasonable period of time. ”
Two GOP resources say that Graham’s three-week compromise concept wasn’t by accident — it is the off-ramp on the table, if Democrats are willing to carry it.
“It’s the live option, ” one of the resources said — one Democrats happen to be told is an acceptable change just for Republicans. The big question, the resources said, is whether it goes almost far enough for Democrats with listed a litany if causes of their opposition.
Two sources say Democrats possess pitched a new continuing resolution that will expire on January 29, the afternoon before Trump’s State of the Marriage address. Republicans are not willing to consider that will, one source said.
Trump showed their support for the House plan of the four week extension just hrs before that vote was planned.
“Excellent preliminary meeting in Oval along with @SenSchumer – working on solutions with regard to Security and our great Army together with @SenateMajLdr McConnell and @SpeakerRyan. Making progress – four 7 days extension would be best! ” Trump messaged Friday evening .
White House Spending budget Director Mick Mulvaney told CNN’s “The Situation Room with Hair Blitzer” that as efforts continue to keep reach an agreement, “we’re in a weekend break so we have a little more flexibility right here. ”

House Democrats prepare for shutdown

Rep. Sara Yarmuth, a Kentucky Democrat, informed reporters that the House Democratic management team concluded at their conference Friday night there would be a govt shutdown and the group expected this to last through early in a few days.
“I believe it is almost 100% likely that the authorities will shut down for some period of time — now my guess is it won’t move past the first of the week — in which the disruption won’t be particularly serious, ” said Yarmuth, the top Liberal on the House Budget Committee.
Pelosi gave an extremely brief overview to the leadership group of what Schumer told her regarding his meeting with the President. Based on Yarmuth, Schumer laid out what their priorities are and the President stated he wanted the Senate to the House bill. Asked why the particular meeting lasted so long, he quipped, “Well, Trump repeats himself, absolutely what I understand. ”
Yarmuth expected the House, that was scheduled to be out of session in a few days, would likely come back just for a day in order to approve some type of stopgap bill.
“There are all types of things being discussed apparently, from day to three days, in order to five days, to three several weeks to four weeks. Four weeks being the particular president’s position. ” He stated Democrats would be fine with support some type of short term continuing resolution.
Some Democratic helps for progressive members have been concerned that Schumer would cut the deal and give away leverage upon some of their priorities, but Yarmuth was adamant that the House and Senate Democrats are “in 100% agreement with this and totally working hand in hand. inch
House associates had been scheduled to be on break next week, but many said they were unable going home until they understood there was resolution.
“I’m not going home when the government shuts down, ” stated Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson.
Rep. Austin tx Scott, a Republican from Atlanta, told CNN that he was also ready to stay, although he added “Mitch McConnell needs to stand and battle. ”

Details of the Schumer conference

Previously Friday, Trump called Schumer plus invited the New York Democrat individually, a person familiar with the plans informed CNN.
Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly was the only White House standard present at the meeting, a person acquainted told CNN.
McConnell was not at the conference, a source said, adding that he plus Trump have been in touch during the day simply by telephone. Neither was Ryan, who had been addressing the particular “March for Life” rally around the same time. McConnell and Ryan were aware how the White House was going to invite Schumer to the White House, one His party source said.
“We had a long and comprehensive meeting, ” Schumer told reporters in brief remarks he made on returning the Capitol, but this individual did not include any specifics off their discussion. “We made good improvement and will continue. ”
Schumer then met along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Whip Cock Durbin in his office.
“I think the best choice made a statement that improvement had been made but much more must be done, ” Pelosi told CNN upon leaving Schumer’s office.
“It’s in the fingers of the leader, ” Durbin informed CNN.
White House aides made clear in order to GOP staff this morning there was simply no daylight between the President and Slope Republicans this morning, especially on migration, according to two sources.
Still, some congressional frontrunners eyed the Schumer meeting warily.
Whenever asked by CNN if this individual was worried about Trump meeting with just Schumer, Sen. John Cornyn replied, “The thought did cross our mind. ”
This story continues to be updated and will continue to update along with additional developments.