Gruesome, fanged ‘demon fish’ washes up on Texas beach, sparking mystery

The strange fanged ‘ sea creature’ that washed up to Texas beach in the aftermath associated with Hurricane Harvey quickly went virus-like after images were posted upon Twitter, but what is it?

Preeti Desai tweeted the images out right after discovering the creature on a seaside in Texas City earlier this particular month. “ Okay, biology tweets, what the heck is this??, ” the lady wrote.

Her twitter update, which was retweeted more than 4, 1000 times, has garnered more than ten, 000 likes.


Desai, who works for that Nationwide Audubon Society , told Sibel News that she was evaluating damage to field sites and habitats in the aftermath of the hurricane whenever she made the gruesome discover. “ I spotted this a few yards away. It was completely unpredicted, not something that you’d typically observe on a beach, ” she described, via email. “ I thought it may be something from the deep sea that may have washed onto shore. Our main reaction was curiosity; I desired to figure out what it was. ”

Twitter was your logical route for Desai, which follows a large number of scientists and scientists. “ There’s such a great local community of these folks that are very helpful, particularly when it comes to answering questions about the planet or IDing animals and vegetation, ” she told Fox Information. “ I got so many guesses through marine biology experts, fish professionals, people who just had an interest in this kind of stuff, etc . We were able to slim it down to some sort of eel. ”

The journalist friend of Desai who have works for EarthTouchNews. com reached out to eel expert Kenneth Tighe, a specialist at the Smithsonian Nationwide Museum of Natural History. Tighe was able to narrow it down to almost certainly a fangtooth snake-eel, or tusky eel, according to Desai, who stated that Ben Frable, collection manager associated with fishes at Scripps Institution associated with Oceanography, also came to the same summary.


“ I used to be hoping that I could count on that will community to help me figure out exactly what I’d seen, ” said Desai. “ And it definitely worked. ”

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