Gun-toting Georgia ex-cop foils attempted home ambush

The would-be robber who tried ambushing a Georgia homeowner picked the incorrect person to mess with.

The equipped suspect, who was still being wanted Monday by police, was chased off a driveway in Newton County on Tuesday after becoming confronted by Carlos Wicker, a former officer.

“I pulled my gun, I chance at him and he took off operating, ” Wicker, the homeowner, informed FOX5 Atlanta. He said the particular suspect fled the scene in the car.

The station documented   Wicker served as being a DeKalb County police officer for sixteen years and also was a district attorney detective.

The particular incident, which happened just after night time, has left homeowners in the Riverwalk Facilities community on edge.

“I want to learn what’s happened because we have young kids here, ” one of Wicker’ h neighbors told FOX5 Atlanta. “It’s not normal. ”