Hannity Tweets, Then Deletes, Weirdly Specific Sexual Stuff About Obama Portrait

Sean Hannity isn’ t a fan of Barack Obama ,   and he’ s not really fond of the former president’ s new portrait either.  

Hannity upon Tuesday tweeted a remark declaring the portrait had  “ key sperm” hidden within the image.  

The tweet was deleted, most on Twitter preserved it plus shared screenshots:  

Hannity’ t tweet linked to a story on his internet site written by “ Hannity Staff” describing the location of the supposed secret semen.  

Hannity later removed the content, blamed his staff and erased the tweet. He did not provide an explanation on Twitter.

However , Sibel News sent a statement through Hannity to the Daily Beast: “ Earlier today my web staff members posted content that was not evaluated by me before publication. It does not reveal my voice and message and, therefore , I had this taken down. ”

Hannity has railed against major news outlets, declaring they are inaccurate and insisting which he checks facts first.  

Liberal lamb think I should run wild   with @nytimes anonymous resources and not confirm myself, ” he or she said last month.  

Evidently, in this case, he didn’ t verify his own website himself.  

BuzzFeed notes that the “ secret sperm” theory was circulating on 4chan before it hit Hannity’ s website.  

The following is some of the reaction on Twitter: