H&M Sparks Outrage For Posing Black Child Model In ‘Monkey’ Sweatshirt

H& M sparked outrage upon social media over the weekened for appearing a black child model inside a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “ Coolest Monkey In The Jungle. ”

New York Times columnist Charles M. Strike drew attention to the on H& M e-commerce site   in the U. K. within a tweet on Sunday night:

The word “ monkey” has a long history as an cultural slur .

Reacting to the picture, many netizens skewered H& Meters for what they described as tasteless plus racist imagery:

While some netizens held responsible carelessness, a lack of cultural awareness or even poor styling decisions   for your retailer’ s mistake, others weren’ t quite so forgiving.

“ I am certain H& M is aware of the particular negative connotations offered, ” wrote one Twitter consumer. Another said the choice to design a black child instead of a white-colored child in this specific hoodie, which usually came in two other colors and styles, was  simply no “ accident. ”

One individual pointed out that the sweatshirt in orange ― with the words “ Survival Expert” and “ Jr Tour Guide” on it ― had been modeled by a white child. “ The entire narrative is a fail regarding 2018, ”   said the particular Twitter user.

The third design, the navy blue and white animal print with no words, was also patterned by a white child.  

Songwriter Wendy Parr blasted the sweatshirt pairing choices:

H& M have not responded to HuffPost’ s requests meant for comment.