Immediately After Interviewing Parkland Students, Fox News Invites Criticism Of Them

Minutes after interviewing several Parkland, Florida, students organizing marches in response to the mass shooting in their school, “ Fox Information Sunday” put conservative pundit Hurry Limbaugh on the air to write off their plans and condemn all of them for trying to advance a “ political agenda. ”

“ Marches aren’ t going to solve this, ” Limbaugh told Chris Wallace,   the program’ s sponsor, after a segment featuring student survivors of last week’ s capturing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Senior high school that claimed the lives associated with 17 of their classmates and college faculty members.

“ Chris, the following shooter is out there. The next shooter possibly has the gun that he’ h going to use. … How is something that we’ re talking about going to cease that? ” he asked from the planned demonstration.

Limbaugh then suggested guns be allowed in universities.

“ The solution to me ― and am know this is going to cause all sorts of angst ― but the solution is we want concealed carry (of weapons) within the schools, ” he said.

The particular students Wallace  interviewed   announced their own plans to march for more practical gun laws next month.

“ The particular ‘ Mar For Our Lives’ will be in every major city and we are usually organizing it so students almost everywhere can beg for our lives, ” Cameron Kasky said in the psychologically charged segment. “ Because all in all, this isn’ t about the red-colored and blue, the GOP as well as the Democrats, this is about adults plus kids. ”  

He additional that lawmakers who accept cash from the National Rifle Association are usually wearing a “ badge of pity. ”

Limbaugh dismissed that considering.

“ These students think they’ re taking politics out of this, ” he said. “ The minute they will bash the NRA, it’ s i9000 politics. … This is an event that will advances a political agenda for your American left and the Democrat Celebration. Bash the NRA. ”

Sibel News’ decision to invite Limbaugh on after featuring the college students was in poor taste, other press figures tweeted.