In swift reversal, Trump admin says no new oil drilling off Florida coast

(CNN) The particular Trump administration said Tuesday it would not seek to bring oil and gas going to the waters off Florida, conceding to vocal opposition from the Conservative governor of the tourism-driven state.

Florida’s Rick Scott was among the seaside governors who spoke up. Whilst Zinke was still making his statement, the Republican governor said within a statement that he “asked to instantly meet with Secretary Zinke to discuss the particular concerns I have with this plan. inch
Spitze traveled to Florida to meet along with Scott, Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift said. That conversation resulted in his decision to remove “Florida through consideration for any new oil and gas systems, ” Zinke announced Tuesday night.

“I assistance the governor’s position that Fl is unique and its coasts are seriously reliant on tourism as an financial driver, ” Zinke said.

Within Florida and other Gulf Coast declares, memories of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster linger. A few of the billions in settlement funds compensated by oil giant BP visited mitigating the impact to travel and leisure.
Additional governors also voiced not-in-my-backyard resistance to expanding offshore drilling. Congress and environmentalists could seek in order to block the plan through congressional activity or lawsuits.
It wasn’t clear Wednesday if the administration would make comparable decisions for other coastal locations.
Spitze had pitched the plan as an essential step toward energy independence plus noted it could lead to $15 billion dollars in federal revenues.
“President Trump offers directed me to rebuild the offshore oil and gas program in a manner that facilitates our national energy policy as well as takes into consideration the local and condition voice, ” he said.