India the most dangerous country to be a woman, US ranks 10th in survey

(CNN) Indian is the most dangerous country in the world to become a woman because of the high risk of sex-related violence and slave labor, a brand new survey of experts shows.

It was furthermore the most dangerous country in the world pertaining to cultural traditions that impact females, the survey found, citing acid solution attacks, female genital mutilation, child marriage and physical abuse. Indian was the fourth most dangerous country for girls in the same survey seven years back.
Nine from the 10 countries on the list had been from Asia, the Middle East or even Africa. At number 10 was your United States, the only Western country to become included. The foundation said this was straight related to the #MeToo movement.

According to the survey:

one India

2 . Afghanistan

3. Syria

4. Somalia

5. Saudi Arabia

6. Pakistan

seven. Democratic Republic of Congo

8. Yemen

9. Nigeria

ten. United States

The release of the report comes amid installation public outrage in India , where a series of high-profile rape situations, including two unrelated attacks upon girls aged 16 and 8, have forced the issue of sexual assault back onto the national plan.

Within April, thousands of protesters took to the particular streets to demand better defense for women, in some of the largest bulk demonstrations held in the country since the rape and murder of a female university student in Delhi in 2012.
India has long grappled with the issue of sexual assault. In the months following the 2012 situation, the central government moved to move legislation increasing penalties for lovemaking assault, rape, and sexual mistreatment, including extending prison sentences plus introducing the death penalty.
But despite the launch of stricter laws, around 100 sexual approaches are reported to police in the nation every day , according to the National Criminal offense Records Bureau, with nearly 39, 000 alleged attacks reported within 2016, an increase of 12% through the previous year.

    Series of rape cases spark protests in Indian

Impact of #MeToo motion

The foundation’s survey was carried out after the #MeToo campaign emerged within October 2017. The large number of females alleging sexual misconduct since then ‘s the reason the US has been included on the list.
“The United States raised in the rankings after tying combined third with Syria when participants were asked which was the most harmful country for women in terms of sexual assault including rape, sexual harassment, coercion into sex and the lack of entry to justice in rape cases. It had been ranked sixth for non-sexual assault, ” according to the foundation.
War-torn Afghanistan ranked 2nd, as the worst country for non-sexual violence against women, which includes conflict-related violence and domestic abuse. Additionally, it ranked second worst for entry to healthcare and access to economic resources and discrimination.
Syria, where a war has raged for more than seven years, ranked third on the list. The nation is considered the second-most dangerous in terms of sex-related violence and access to healthcare. Syria also tied for third using the United States in terms of sexual violence plus harassment.
The particular Thomson Reuters Foundation held an identical survey seven years ago, and discovered Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia towards the be the five most dangerous countries for ladies.
“World commanders vowed three years ago to eliminate many forms of violence and discrimination towards women and girls by 2030, letting them live freely and safely in order to participate equally in political, financial and public life. But regardless of this pledge it is estimated that one in 3 women globally experience physical or even sexual violence during their lifetime, inch the foundation said.
“Child marriage is still filled, with almost 750 million ladies and girls married before their eighteenth birthday, resulting in teen pregnancies that may put their health at risk plus limiting schooling and opportunities. inch

On-going problem

That India had relocated to the top of poll showed insufficient was being done to protect the legal rights of women, argued experts.
“India has shown complete disregard and disrespect for women… rape, marital rapes, sexual assault plus harassment, female infanticide has gone unabated, ” Manjunath Gangadhara, an official on the Karnataka state government in southwest Indian, told the Thomson Reuters Basis.
“The (world’s) fastest growing economy plus leader in space and technologies is shamed for violence dedicated against women, ” added Gangadhara.
The void of sexual violence has put stress on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Celebration (BJP), who opponents accuse associated with failing to properly address the issue of assault against women.
“While our PM tiptoes around his garden making Yoga exercise videos, India leads Afghanistan, Syria & Saudi Arabia in rape & violence against women, inch tweeted Rahul Gandhi, President from the Indian National Congress, referencing Modi’s recent involvement in an online fitness trend .
“What a shame for our country! inch
Modi, that will seek reelection next year, spoke away against sexual violence in 04, asserting that rape “is a few great concern for the country. inch
That will same month, his Cabinet flushed an executive order introducing the particular death penalty for rapists of youngsters under the age of 12.