It’s not just pot: California’s legislating guns, tampons and diaper changes in 2018

(CNN) You are welcome to the new California, where you can smoke cavendish fid negro head old just for fun and change babies’ pampers in the men’s room.

But there’s a much more changing than just regulations about baby-changing tables and marijuana sales present in 2018. Here’s a look at the new the latest now in effect in the country’s many populous state:

New salary policies

In A lot of states, employers can no longer ask about your superior salary — thereby preventing the group from using your salary history to choose whether to make you a job offer and determine how much to offer you.
The law is intended which can narrow the gender pay gap.

Job applicants may be able to request the pay scale for a occupation.

Free tampons in schools

For many folks teenage girls, access to tampons and hygienic pads is a given. But for low-income students, a lack of feminine hygiene gear impacts their education, said Cristina Garcia , who authored Assembly Bill 10 .
“I’ve heard stories from many young ladies that struggle with their period from month to month, affecting their schooling, morale, and as well , health, ” Garcia said .
Gov. Jerry Purple signed the bill into law, meaning that public schools with students due to grades 6 to 12 who have a 40% student poverty cost unquestionably need free feminine hygiene products here in restrooms .

Baby-changing tables on the inside men’s rooms

Speaking of restrooms, fathers will not struggle to find a place in public companies to change their babies’ diapers.
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