‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’ Set To Start Filming This Summer

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is not done with their characters Jay and Silent Greg.

Apart from a good animated movie   as well as a place in “ Clerks 2, ”   we last noticed these two guys in 2001’ t “ Jay And Silent Greg Strike Back, ”   by which they drive across country to prevent Hollywood from making a film info.

Film production company played with countless sequel tropes, also borrowing its title from one from the greatest sequels ever.

Their following film will be called “ The writer And Silent Bob Reboot, ” but it’ s not going to be considered a traditional reboot, Smith told the particular crowd during  a “ Fatman on Batman” live Q& A   this month.

Smith said the new movie will again follow Jay plus Silent Bob across country because they try to stop Hollywood from creating a reboot of the film they initially made in “ Jay And Noiseless Bob Strike Back. ” Nevertheless with us?

“ It’ s literally exactly the same fucking movie all over again, ” Jones told the crowd. “ It’ s a movie that makes fun associated with sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three simultaneously. ”

“ Jay And Silent Greg Reboot” starts shooting in Aug, according to Smith, and will hopefully become out sometime in 2019.