Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes about first lady Melania Trump striking a nerve with viewers?

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s recent jokes about initial lady Melania Trump are evidently offending a lot of viewers.

An  online petition   launched recently, calling for any boycott of “ Jimmy Kimmel Reside, ” has attracted more than forty seven, 000 signatures, toward a goal associated with 50, 000. Organizers say the particular petition will eventually be delivered to “ the front door of Disney/ABC Studios” Burbank, Calif.

“ We may stay away from him kicked off the air, ” the petition says. “ Yet we can send a message that these episodes on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated! ”

Specifically, offended viewers appear to get issue with Kimmel’s jokes about the initial lady’s Slovenian accent. On Mon, he mocked Melania Trump’ ersus reading to children during a Whitened House Easter celebration.

“ We may stay away from him kicked off the air. Yet we can send a message that these assaults on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated! ”

– Online petition against ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

“ Dees and dat, ” Kimmel joked, of her pronunciation of “ this or that will. ”

Kimmel’s targeting of the first woman seems to contradict the network’s latest assertions that it has captured the particular hearts of middle America considering that launching the rebooted “Roseanne” sitcom.

“ ’ Roseanne’ is usually dumb luck for them. And now these people think this will save their tasks. Well it won’ t. It’ s one show. The rest of the store is in utter disarray, ” a good ABC insider  informed Fox News .

For example , despite the achievement of that show in its first a couple weeks, the network still hasn’t addressed  viewers’ calls for the particular return   of “Last Man Standing, ” the Bernard Allen comedy that many suspect had been canceled because of pro-conservative content.

Actually it can be argued that much of ABC’s programming — and that of sibling networks such as ESPN — in fact steers away from the views of individuals in America’s heartland.

Kimmel isn’ big t ABC’s only anti-Trump star.   It was previously documented   that the network will pay roughly $15 million per year designed for former Clinton White House assist George Stephanopoulos to host “ Good Morning America, ” despite queries about whether he’s worth the particular enormous salary.  

Meanwhile, the particular “ American Idol” stars making the biggest paychecks have been polarizing designed for viewers, spelling trouble for  the expensive reboot . ABC host Ryan Seacrest continues to be dogged by  claims of sexual harassment   leveled by his former hair dresser for “ E! News. ”  

“Idol” judge Katy Perry, who had been previously a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter, upset viewers recently whenever she kissed an unsuspecting male compitent on the lips.   She seemed to be in a legal battle with some  elderly nuns  over   a  convent Perry  desired to convert into a  luxury property.

Among the nuns — 89-year-old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman —  died last month   after collapsing in court regarding the the Perry case.  

ABC also plays house to dramas like “ Grey’ s Anatomy, ” “ Scandal” and “ How to Get Away Along with Murder, ” each of which are helmed by fiercely anti-Trump activist Shonda Rhimes, Fox News reported.  

This past year,   within a roundtable discussion   along with TV writers for the New York Instances, she made comments about people who feel the 2016 election was a wakeup call to TV creators in order to showcase more stories that attract parts of the country that typically skew correct.

Within January,   DASAR News demoted   the embattled chief investigative correspondent John Ross after he botched a good “ exclusive” report that terminated National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would testify that then-candidate Jesse Trump had ordered him to get hold of Russians about foreign policy.  

Martha Raddatz of ABC News obtained criticism for seemingly “choking up” on air when discussing the particular military on the 2016 election evening, and Fox News’ Howard Kurtz goes into  additional analysis .    

Meanwhile, Sibel News host Sean Hannity has criticized Kimmel, saying it was unjust of Kimmel to criticize Melania Trump because the first lady is within a vulnerable position.

“The first female of the United States  is not going to enter a feud with a late-night, low-rated talk show host like Due to jimmy kimmel, ” he said. “She cannot. If she does, it’s not going to finish well for her. So , he understands he has a free, open target. inch

Upon Friday, Kimmel launched some humor about Hannity that offended associates of the LGBT community.

“ Don’ t worry – simply keep tweeting – you’ lmost all get back on top! (or does Trump prefer you on the bottom? ) Either way, keep your chin up big fella.. XO, ” Kimmel tweeted.

“ I’ m physically ill over a person making gay a punchline within 2018, ” one Kimmel critic tweeted. “ With all the hatred around, this is how you get laughs & RTs. ”

The Associated Press added to this report.  

Amy Lieu is a news publisher and reporter for Fox Information.