Kimmel Unloads On Hannity: You, Sean, Are The Whole Ass Circus

The war of words in between Fox News host  Sean Hannity plus comedian  Jimmy Kimmel is heating up.

On Thurs night,   the “ Due to jimmy kimmel Live” host tore into Hannity for calling him an “ ass clown”   over  jokes made on the program   about first female Melania Trump .  

“ What also is an ass clown? ” Kimmel fired back during his nighttime monologue. “ I was thinking about it today. Is it an ass that’ s i9000 a clown? Or is it the clown that actually lives in an rear end, like a little bozo bird within your butt cheeks? I honestly don’ t know. And more importantly, exactly why is Sean Hannity openly fantasizing regarding clowns in the ass? ”

Kimmel even allowed that he might actually be a good ass clown.  

“ When I’ m an ass clown  ― and I might very well be  ― you, Sean, are the entire ass circus. ”

Kimmel has been just getting warmed up.  

Both also went at it upon Twitter after the show: