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Image caption Malala says she is nervous about beginning as a student at Oxford

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai says the “global community” must intervene to protect Myanmar’s Muslim group.

She urged Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi to speak up for the Rohingya.

“We can’t be quiet right now. The number of people who have been out of place is hundreds of thousands, ” Malala informed the BBC.

A persons rights activist is about to become a college student at Oxford and admitted in order to “nerves” about her new living.

Speaking in Oxford, she called for an international response to the particular violence in Myanmar.

Human rights

“I think we can’t also imagine for a second what it could like when your citizenship, your directly to live in a country, is completely refused, ” said Malala.

“This should be a human rights problem. Governments should react to it. Individuals are being displaced, they’re facing assault.

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Image caption Rohingya refugees have been trying to achieve Bangladesh

“Children are being deprived of training, they cannot receive basic rights : and living in a terrorism circumstance, when there’s so much violence who are around you, is extremely difficult.

“We need to wake up and respond to this – and I hope that Aung Sang Suu Kyi responds into it as well, ” she said.

Malala, now 20, is all about to become an undergraduate at the College of Oxford.

As the university might have produced many people which went on to win Nobel awards, she is unusual in having 1 before she has arrived.

“I am trying to be simply a normal student. ”

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Image caption Malala obtained her A-level results this summer

“I make friends just as the girl Malala and never the Nobel laureate. ”

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“I’m a bit nervous as well, because at first you don’t know anyone, and you how to start how to make friends and it will be challenging… but fingers crossed it will be OKAY. ”

She furthermore says she is pleased to be subsequent in the footsteps of another “strong woman leader” from Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, who studied at Oxford.

Missing school

Malala has been campaigning within the rights of girls to have an schooling – and she is setting up a system of “champions” for education within countries such as Afghanistan and Nigeria and for Syrian refugees.

This is called the Gulmakai Network — the name taken from her pseudonym whenever she wrote a blog in regards to the loss of girls’ rights under the Taliban in Pakistan, which had result in the attempt on her life this year.

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She says the lady wants education to be recognised as being a global priority – and for a lot more urgency in addressing the lack of entry to school for 130 million young ladies, often in the world’s poorest nations or in conflict zones.

“I know there are other issues that are usually taken more seriously – like poverty, terrorism, or climate modify, but education is the only answer for all of these problems. ”

She says there are plenty of problems to overcome, “whether is actually early marriage, poverty, lack of awareness or even lack of funding”.

“But the benefits are many, we need to teach people about the importance of education, inch she said.


Malala, the particular advocate of girls’ right to education and learning, came to the world’s attention following the Taliban in her native Pakistan attempted to murder her in a weapon attack.

This week there were reports that one of those involved in the assault had been killed by security causes in Pakistan.

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The girl says she has already forgiven individuals who were trying to murder her.

“I have forgiven all of them.

“But they were capable to carry out other killings in Pakistan. I hope that the army and the nation helps them in a deradicalisation process and so they learn about the true message of Islam and the meaning of human legal rights and learn about the importance of education.

“But personally I use forgiven them.

“I think what’s the point now to declare they should be punished. It has no advantage to anyone, you’re just generating more harm. I would want to decrease harm and help each other. inch