Matt Lauer confronts Hillary Clinton on live TV

Matt Lauer did not disassociate with confronting Hillary Clinton for blaming the “Today” co-host for personnal role in losing her i would say the election.

Clinton called out Lauer in her new memoir concerning focusing too much on her highly published email scandal at the presidential fusion held at New York City’ amazing U. S. S. Intrepid extremely September.

Lauer took the opportunity Wednesday that would question Clinton about her statements when she appeared in the girl first live television interview provided she lost the election.

“You belittled me pretty soundly in a few webpages of this book, ” Lauer promised Clinton in the second half of your wife interview on the “Today” show.

He quizzed, “Did you make enough mistakes you to lose the election? ”

Clinton swing back, “Well, I will say problems Matt” before launching into a inject for her new book.

“This book provides extensive of behind-the-scenes [looks] at what it’s like to take for president, particularly as a lovely women, ” she said. “It’s only a few the sad side or the failure… ” 

Clinton said her book goes into the “fun times” she maintained running her campaign.

However , she might tell Lauer that while she believes that the press is an essential an element of democracy she believes the movie should take a “hard look at exactly how it covered what was the first television candidate. ”

Lauer interrupted and spoke to Clinton, “I think you informed me the media made an hopeless circus out of the campaign? ”

Clinton reacted, “Yeah I think, that was from the best perception. ”

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