Melania Trump Got A Green Card For Immigrants With ‘Extraordinary Abilities’

First lady Melania Trump obtained a green card permitting her stay in the U. T. permanently through an elite visa plan established for immigrants with “ extraordinary abilities, ” The Wa Post reported Thursday.

The alleged Einstein visa is aimed at individuals born abroad who have earned “ sustained acclaim, ”   which includes renowned researchers or business market leaders, award-winning performing artists and Olympic athletes. Applicants are instructed in order to submit evidence of a history of fulfillment or of a “ one-time”   achievement, such as a “ Pulitzer, Oscar [or] Olympic Honor, ” according to the requirements for the visa .

“ You must be able to demonstrate outstanding ability in the sciences, arts, training, business, or athletics through continual national or international acclaim, ” the requirements state. Applicants can also “ demonstrate international recognition for … exceptional achievements in a particular academic industry. ” Applicants can submit “ authorship of scholarly articles. ”

According to Melania Trump’ s biography during the presidential campaign, she managed to graduate from the “ University of Slovenia” with a degree in design and structures .   But she really dropped out of college her junior year, according to her biographers.   And there is no University of Slovenia .   The first lady’ h current White House bio right now says she “ paused” her research at the University associated with Ljubljana.

The first lady, who was Melania Knauss at the time, obtained an EB-1 visa from her native Slovenia in 2001 along with only 4 other Slovenes that year.   Just . 34 percent of all people who obtained green cards in the Oughout. S. that year qualified for that EB-1 visa. She married Trump in 2005 and became the citizen in 2006.

Knauss was obviously a working model when she met  Donald Trump in 1998.   One of her most notable jobs simply by 2001 was a photo in the Sports activities Illustrated swimsuit issue ( Vanity Fair quipped that kissing an portable whale might have carried out the trick for her visa).   The girl obtained HB-1 visas for qualified immigrants until she snagged the particular EB-1 visa about two years right after first being photographed with Trump. She was later  photographed nude in Trump’ s private jet for a 2000 issue of Uk GQ.

Her special visa opened the way for her to sponsor her parents’ move to the U. S., a procedure that Donald Trump now opposes as  “ chain migration. ” The first lady’ s parents have developed permanent resident status in the Oughout. S. and are about to become citizens ,   sources told The Wa Post.

Michael Wildes, an attorney regarding Melania Trump, told the Blog post that the first lady was “ more than amply qualified and steadily eligible” for the EB-1 program. This individual told The Jewish Standard within 2016 when discussing the australian visa:   “ There is no doubt that will she actually is highly accomplished . ”

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