Mexican President Sends Trump A Blunt Message About Paying For The Wall

Leader Donald Trump called out Mexico on Tuesday, vowing yet again which the nation on America’ s the southern part of border will pay for his suggested wall . But Mexican President  Enrique Peñ a Nieto fired back almost instantly with a promise of his own, requiring that will never happen.

Trump made their comments during a rally in Nashville, Tennessee that touched on most of the talking points from his 2016 campaign, from attacks on Hillary Clinton to immigration.  

“ Eventually, Mexico’ s going to pay for the particular wall, ”   Trump mentioned. “ They’ re going to spend on the wall, and they’ lso are going to enjoy it,   OK? ”

Peñ a Nieto replied on Tweets:  

Peñ a Nieto also sent the particular tweet in Spanish:  

The border wall structure has long been a Trump rallying weep. He would ask the crowd “ Who’ h gonna pay for the wall ? ” and the audience would yell back “ Mexico! ”  

Nevertheless , his spending budget proposals have integrated financing for the wall   along with money coming from American taxpayers, not really Mexico, which has repeatedly insisted it won’ t pay.