Missing dogs stranded near Hawaii lava flow are rescued after 10 harrowing days

Two dogs who were lacking for 10 days in the chaos associated with volcano evacuations in Hawaii were pulled to safety on Sunday morning — after the animals were “surrounded by lava, ” rescuers said.

Carol Hosley, the owner of the dogs named Brus and Little Dude, was evacuating from her apartment in Leilani Estates once the two dogs ran off in fear,   Hawaii News Now   reported.

Hosley and Aloha Ilio Rescue, the neighborhood nonprofit from which the pups were adopted six months ago, searched for the dogs —   Brus, a jack russell terrier-pug mix, and Little Dude, a terrier mix — for more than a week as volcanic fissures  continue steadily to open up   on Hawaii’s Big Island.

“We’ve been looking for him for 10 days, ” Daylynn Kyles, president of Aloha Ilio Dog Rescue, told the news outlet. “We’ve just kept  going back, and going back. ”


Kyles, along with two close friends, discovered the two dogs on Weekend in lower Puna, the recovery group wrote on Facebook.

The animal rescuers crawled through grass to the fencing line to get to the dogs, that have been covered in red ant attacks, according to Hawaii News Now.

“We just understood this dog was probably simply terrified, he was truly trapped, he couldn’t get out, ” Kyles said. The group later learned these were near the 17th fissure, which opened up over the weekend and, as of Monday, continues to be active.

The dogs’ owner said the lady was “thrilled to death” the girl furry friends were rescued, telling this news outlet: “The other stuff is things, but I got the dogs. inch

Brus and Little Dude are currently sticking with Aloha Ilio Rescue while Hosley looks for a place to stay amid the continuing volcanic activity.

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