Mississippi juvenile reportedly shoots, kills hatchet-wielding home invader

A Mississippi man choose a hatchet and apparently aiming to break into a home died after a teen inside the house shot him, according to reports.

The teenage was alone in the house when Lee foundation Robinson arrived with the weapon, Choctaw County Chief Deputy Lee Upchurch said, according to The Associated Press.

After the grownup made a threatening move, the particular juvenile fired at Robinson, Upchurch said. Authorities reportedly discovered that the person, who was non-responsive and later noticable dead, had been shot in the upper body.

The particular juveniles’ mother, Rachel Cork, informed WCBI that her 16-year-old son “ defended himself” towards Robinson. The teen was identified as a family member of Robinson’s.

“ Yeah, my child defended himself, ” Cork informed the outlet. “ It could have been another way around. It could have been our son, I’ m the one I’ m picking up and having to hide, but it wasn’ t. ”

The teen was reportedly not charged following a incident but a grand jury can hear the case over the summer.

The particular Associated Press contributed to this document.