Morgan Freeman ‘Devastated’ That Sexual Harassment Claims Could Undermine Legacy

Acting professional Morgan Freeman spoke out there again in the wake of sex harassment allegations against him, stating Friday that he was “ devastated” by the turn of events.

Several ladies accused the Oscar winner associated with improper behavior , including lewd responses and unwanted touching, according to the CNN investigation.

I am devastated that will 80 years of my life is at danger of being undermined, in the blink of an eye, by Thursday’ s media reports, ” Morgan said in a statement sent to mass media,   according to  outlets . “ Most of victims of assault and nuisance deserve to be heard. And we have to listen to them. But it is not directly to equate horrific incidents of intimate assault with misplaced compliments or even humor. ”

Presley Ann via Getty Images
Morgan Freeman has been offender of sexual harassment by various women.

Credit card company Visa plus Vancouver transportation company TransLink (in a Visa promotion)  suspended campaigns featuring Freeman after the accusations come up.

Within the CNN report, one unidentified girl who worked on the film “ Going in Style” in 2015 arrested Freeman of repeatedly trying to raise up her skirt and wondering her if she was putting on underwear.

Freeman initially apologized for accidentally making anyone feel uncomfortable or even disrespected and reiterated those emotions in part of his statement upon Friday.

But , he added, “ Also i want to be clear: I did not generate unsafe work environments. I did not really assault women. I did not provide employment or advancement in exchange intended for sex. Any suggestion that I do so is completely false. ”

A speaker for Freeman told HuffPost upon Saturday: “ We have no additional comments to make at this time. ”