New Plastic Garbage Patch Found In The South Pacific Could Be ‘1.5 Times Larger Than Texas’

A decade ago, while sailing across the rarely traversed area between The hawaiian islands and the U. S. mainland, oceanographer Captain Charles Moore stumbled upon the particular now-infamous North Pacific garbage patch , an enormous swathe of plastic air pollution floating in the sea.

Now, Moore has confirmed the particular discovery of a second garbage plot in the same ocean, located in the particular South Pacific. Moore, who made the particular disturbing discovery during a six-month study trip, estimates that this polluted spot of plastic could span just as much as a million square kilometres. Thats 1 ) 5 times larger than Texas, and much more than two times the size of California.

Moore, creator of the Algalita Study Foundation , told ResearchGate that their team would conduct lab evaluation on the plastic theyd found, yet based on initial impressions, the rubbish patch uncovered in the South Pacific cycles could contain