Newborn daughter of late Army specialist poses for photo shoot with dads fellow soldiers

Army Specialist Bob Harris was killed in a suicide-bombing attack in Afghanistan only days after his wife learned the lady was pregnant, but his widow and his fellow soldiers are maintaining his legacy alive in a brand new photo shoot with Harris’ two-month-old baby girl.

Christian Michelle Harris was created several months after her father has been killed in Afghanistan.   (Pinehurst Photography)

Chris’ widow, Britt Harris, combined with the soldiers who served alongside your pet gathered on May 29 to get a touching photo shoot with the couple’ s newborn daughter, Christian Michelle Harris, who was born on Mar 17.

The soldiers who served together with late Army Specialist Chris Harris gathered on May 29 in order to pose with the daughter he by no means met.   (Pinehurst Photography)


Surrounded by her father’ s friends, Christian was took pictures of wearing her father’ s canine tags and holding an American banner, all while wearing a shirt reading through “ My Daddy’ s the hero. ”

Chris learned he would definitely be a father only days prior to he was killed by a good IED in Afghanistan.   (Pinehurst Photography)

Chris’ widow Britt Harris said Philip considered his fellow soldiers loved ones.   (Pinehurst Photography)

“Knowing that we could return home to a baby girl, that was amazing, ” Sgt. Nathan Arthur Bagley told WTVD of going to Christian upon returning from responsibility. “When everyone came home, which was the day she was born so that managed to get 10 times better. ”

“It’s relaxing to see those blue eyes once again, ” Britt added of viewing Chris’ in their newborn.

Earlier this year, Britt furthermore shared emotional photos through Christian’ s first photo take, including pictures her baby resting next to a photograph of her dad, and another in which she has been wrapped up in his uniform.

Britt furthermore arranged for a photo shoot which includes of Chris’ things shortly after Alfredia was born.   (NPS Photography Pinehurst)


“I wanted to capture because Chris’ spirit as I could. He or she was extremely devoted to the Military and his country, ” the 26-year-old told  Nowadays   in April. “ I thought nothing could be more installing for her photos and [it would be] something she can appear back on with pride. inch

“It’s refreshing to see those blue eye again, ” Britt said associated with finally meeting Christian.   (NPS Photography Pinehurst)

Chris’ fellow soldiers, too, happen to be excited for the arrival of Alfredia after her father was wiped out by an IED in Aug at age 25.

In October, his device gathered together to help Britt commemorate the baby’ s gender reveal in a video that shortly went viral on Facebook. ( Warning: Video contains specific language. )

“Chris is an only child. These were his family, ” Britt informed FONEM News at the time.

“Everyone that will I’ ve met, before Philip passed and after, if they’ lso are in the military, they’ ve taken care of me like actual family, or even royalty, actually. ”