NRA Takes Aim At March For Our Lives Protest, Mocks Gun Violence Survivors

As hundreds of thousands of protesters ready to gather in Washington and other metropolitan areas across the U. S. on Sunday to demand meaningful gun change, the National Rifle Association accepted social media to mock the “ March For the Lives” event   as well as the young gun violence survivors who else spearheaded it.

The group posted the membership-drive video to Facebook having a scathing caption about the looming demonstration marches on Saturday morning.

“ Today’ s protests aren’ capital t spontaneous, ” the post announced. “ Gun-hating billionaires and The show biz industry elites are manipulating and taking advantage of children as part of their plan to RUIN the Second Amendment and strip all of us of our right to defend ourselves plus our loved ones. ”

Join the particular NRA, the group added, to “ stand and fight for our kids’ safety. ”

The Washington Post via Getty Images
Thousands of protesters packed Pennsylvania Avenue in Wa during the March for Our Lives collecting on Saturday. The more popular demonstration chants included  “ Not one a lot more, ” “ Vote them out” and “ The NRA must go! ”

The “ March For Our Lives” protest has been led by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed last 30 days in a shooting rampage.  

The young activists offered fervid, impassioned speeches in the D. C. event, excoriating congress who have failed to act to reduce weapon violence and the NRA for lobbying against sensible gun control laws.  

“ If we move on, the particular NRA and those against us will certainly win, ” said 17-year-old survivor Delaney Tarr.   “ They need us to forget. They want the voices to be silenced. And they wish to retreat into the shadows where they could remain unnoticed. They want to be back at the top, unquestioned in their corruption, but we all cannot and we will not let that will happen. ”

As the rally has been getting underway, the NRA ― which was otherwise conspicuously silent upon social media on Saturday ― distributed another video on Facebook; on this occasion of a clip mocking the mar as a “ carnival . ”  

The particular clip, which featured NRA TELEVISION host “ Colion Noir” (a pseudonym for Collins Iyare Idehen Jr. ), had first already been shared on YouTube on Thursday with all the title “ A March For Their Lies . ”

“ From where I’ m standing, it looks like the march to burn the Metabolism and rewrite the parts which they don’ t like in crayon, ”   Noir said, referring to the particular young activists leading the move.

In another NRA TV clip posted Thursday, Noir acquired harangued the Parkland survivors, stating “ no one would know your own names”   if someone having a gun had stopped the capturing at their school.  

“ These kids ought to be marching towards their own hypocritical belief structures, ” Noir said, adding: “ The only real reason we’ ve ever heard of these is because the guns didn’ big t come soon enough. ”