People Are Rattled By How Much This Nigerian Man Looks Like Chadwick Boseman

Suleiman Abdulfatai is a native of Nigeria, 31 years old, a graphic developer and a clothing designer. He’ s i9000 also a dead ringer for Chadwick Boseman.

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Abdulfatai, whose Twitter handle is @fhatoh_s , posted a selfie earlier recently on Twitter, and people were instantly shook about his famous doppelgä nger.

Regarding reference, this is  “ Black Panther ” star Boseman:

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Abdulfatai, who lives in the Nigerian funds Abuja, told HuffPost that he understood he looked like Boseman when “ Black Panther” came out.  

“ We didn’ t watch it earlier like other guys did, ” he told us, but when using the getting calls about the resemblance towards the main character, he “ went watch it. ”

Then this week, Abdulfatai posted his picture on Tweets with the hashtag #FineEbiraTwitter, and the initial comment he got was about Boseman. And the comments about the actor plus designer’ s similarities have not slowed up at all:

Abdulfatai says the reactions about his celebrity twin are already “ overwhelming. ”

“ I feel therefore happy to be finally recognized and become compared to Chadwick, ” he informed HuffPost. “ To my new supporters, may God continue to bless every one you out there. ”

As for Boseman’ ersus thoughts on the likeness, his consultant declined to provide a comment.  

Hopefully, he’ ll come around and we may look forward to a “ Black Panther 2” with some sort of brother element in the future. Wakanda forever!