Pope Francis denounces abortion as white glove Nazi-era eugenics

Pope Francis has denounced illigal baby killing as the “white glove” equivalent from the Nazi-era eugenics program and advised families to accept the children that The almighty gives them.

Francis spoke off-the-cuff Sunday to a meeting of an Italian loved ones association. The Vatican didn’t instantly provide a transcript of his comments, but the ANSA news agency as well as the SIR agency of the Italian bishops’ conference quoted him as denouncing pre-natal tests that can result in mom and dad choosing to terminate a being pregnant if the fetus is malformed or even suffering other problems.

The agencies cited Francis as saying: “Last centuries, the whole world was scandalized by what the particular Nazis did to purify the particular race. Today, we do the same task but with white gloves. ”

He advised families to accept children “as Our god gives them to us. ”