Power Outage Triggers ‘Extreme Zombie Activity’ Alert In Florida City

Occupants of Lake Worth,   Florida ,   obtained an alarming message during a energy outage over the weekend: Watch out for zombies .  

A bulletins sent to city residents at one: 41 a. m. on Weekend warned of “ power outage and zombie alert” and “ extreme zombie activity. ”  

Town officials were soon scrambling in order to issue a strange assurance.  

“ We have been looking into the reports that the program mentioned zombies, ” city accumulated officer Ben Kerr told River Worth Live. “ I want to state that Lake Worth does not have any living dead activity currently plus apologize for the system message. ”

In addition to Lake Really worth, the message also referenced Terminus, a location in “ The Strolling Dead. ”  

City officials informed WPBF, the ABC station within West Palm Beach, that an notify is automatically sent during energy outages. In this case, however , the information might have been hacked . They are checking the associated with messages in the system to see in the event that any others were altered.