Qantas Plane NosedivesOver Pacific Due to Wake Turbulence

Qantas Airways Ltd. said the A380 aircraft had a brief jump above the Pacific Ocean due to turbulence from another superjumbo aircraft.

The two Qantas jets were regarding 20 nautical miles apart within distance and 1, 000 foot apart in altitude when QF94, flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, was affected earlier this week, the particular airline said in a statement Thursday night.

Australian television and radio web host Eddie McGuire, who was on the trip, said the plane “ jumped down and up for about 10 seconds” and that “ somebody described it as the sensation of going over the top of a rollercoaster. ”

“ Unexpected disturbance is why we always recommend people keep their seat belt firmly attached at all times just as pilots do in the particular flight deck, ” Qantas Navy Safety Captain Debbie Slade mentioned in the statement. “ There are a lot of safe guards in place to reduce the likelihood of wake disturbance encounters, but it’ s difficult to eliminate. ”

The Australian newspapers cited a passenger who referred to a 10-second “ freefall nosedive” about two hours into the airline flight that left Los Angeles late upon Sunday.

“ The girl sitting next to me and I screamed and held hands and just anxiously waited, ” the newspaper cited traveler Janelle Wilson as saying. “ It was terrifying. ”