Robert De Niro Hits Trump Where It Hurts — In The Stomach

Robert De Niro is adding some wasabi in order to his feud with President Donald Trump .

The particular screen legend, who is a co-owner of the Nobu restaurant empire, informed the Daily Mail that he’ s banned Trump. De Niro also said he wouldn’ big t remain in any other eatery with the chief executive, either.  

It’ s i9000 not clear if the restaurant’ s well known chef and co-owner, Nobu Matsuhisa, shares that sentiment.  

“ It’ s my dream for Trump to sit next to Bob, ” he told the Daily Postal mail. “ To make them sushi! ”

Trump’ s tastes run more towards burgers ― in some cases with half a bun or no bun at all ― rather than sushi.   Nevertheless , Bloomberg reported that  he visited Nobu throughout his infamous 2013 trip to Moscow that played a vital role in the unverified dossier published by former British spy Christopher Steele . The particular dossier alleges that Trump hired prostitutes to execute a “ golden showers” display   at a Moscow resort during that trip.

At the time, the restaurant discussed an image of Trump standing outdoors:  

De Niro has been a persistent Trump critic,   calling him the “ lowlife-in-chief , ” “ jerkoff-in-chief ” and “ the flat-out blatant racist , ” among other things. The 74-year-old actor has additionally portrayed special counsel Robert Mueller on “ Sunday Night Live . ”

De Niro vowed to continue slamming the chief executive.