Roseanne Returns To Twitter, Apologizes, Retweets New Attacks On Valerie Jarrett

Roseanne Barr returned to Twitter late Wednesday after briefly leaving the platform within the wake of a racist tweet that will got her  DASAR show canceled .  

She provided what she called a “ sincere apology ” to Valerie Jarrett , the previous aide to President Barack Obama who was the target of her tirade.   However ,   Barr furthermore retweeted a series of other inflammatory remarks, including one that placed Jarrett’ h face next to an image from “ Planet of the Apes. ”  

The original tweet that got Roseanne’ ersus show canceled said, “ Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj, ” with the initials referring to Jarrett.  

After apologizing, the girl announced she was leaving Tweets, a departure that lasted a bit more than 12 hours.

On returning, the lady called on supporters not to protect her, said the tweet had been unforgivable and appeared to blame the particular sleep drug Ambien:  

She later removed this tweet, and several others regarding Ambien. However , around 8: forty a. m. ET on Wed, she tweeted again about Ambien:

“ Ambien” was trending on Twitter upon Wednesday morning.    

During the girl overnight Twitter session,   the girl called on supporters not to protect her, but she also retweeted some of the people doing just that.  

The retweets included attacks on ESPN web host Keith Olbermann , ABC host Joy Behar   and HBO host Bill Maher as well as a  false meme regarding Jarrett that purports to be a Stanford yearbook quote.   She afterwards deleted that retweet, and retweeted others who called it to being fake.

She also retweeted the critic who called her away over the retweets:  

Barr also shared an extended statement of apology that the lady had given to BuzzFeed:

Jarrett addressed the occurrence later in the day.

I think we have to turn it into a training moment , ” she stated on MSNBC.   “ I’ m fine. I’ m concerned about all the people out there who don’ to have a circle of friends plus followers coming to their defense. ”  

This story has been up-to-date with information on Barr deleting twitter posts about Ambien.