Samantha Bee Uses Sean Hannity’s Own Tactics Against Him In Brutal Takedown

Samantha Bee went full conspiracy theorist as she delivered a savage takedown of Fox News web host Sean Hannity on Wednesday’ h broadcast of “ Full Frontal. ”

Hannity has faced common criticism this week following the courtroom thought that he was the “ mystery” customer of President Donald Trump’ s personal attorney Michael Cohen , who’ h now at the center of a federal probe .

In light of the news, Bee made a decision to channel Hannity’ s presenting design and came up with her own spoof concept about the Fox News host.

“ His whole show is just a good hour-long list of lies and conspiracy theory theories, but people think it’ s news because he doesn’ to sweat as much as Alex Jones also because he’ s on a channel that will calls itself news, ” stated Bee.

“ So yeah, the particular deceitful editing to reach an excessive conclusion? We’ re going to maintain doing that, ” she additional.

Check out Bee’ s “ theory” in the full clip over.