SEAL who shot bin Laden: Don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day

Don’ capital t wish me a happy Memorial Time. There is nothing happy about the loss of the particular brave men and women of our armed forces which died in combat defending The united states. Memorial Day is not a special event.

Memorial Day is a time regarding reflection, pause, remembrance and thanksgiving holiday for patriots who gave up their very own lives to protect the lives plus freedom of us all – such as the freedom of generations long gone plus generations yet unborn. We must pay back the fallen a debt therefore enormous that it can never be paid back.

Memorial service Day is a time to honor the particular lives of those who would rather pass away than take a knee when the national anthem is played. However they will fight and die for your rights of those who kneel.

This vacation is a time to think of young lifestyles cut short, of wives plus husbands turned into widows and widowers, of children growing up without a father or mother, associated with parents burying their children.

Memorial Day is really a time to think of might have beens that will never were. Of brave Us citizens who put their country just before themselves. Without these heroes, America may not be America.

Unfortunately, for many Americans this particular solemn holiday might as well be known as Summer Day – marking the particular unofficial start of the season of barbecues, days at the beach, time spent on football fields and golf courses, trekking and enjoying the great the outdoors. Those things are great – we all enjoy them and they are some of the best things in every area of your life.

Yet Memorial Day is not Summer Day time. Nor was the holiday created in order to promote sales of cars, furnishings or clothes.

Another Memorial Day provides with it a whole lot more than the start associated with summer. Since last Memorial Day time, grass is now growing above the last resting places of many young men plus women whose lives were used too soon while defending our nation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria along with other far-off places many Americans have got rarely heard of.

When Army Sgt. Una David Johnson, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Sgt. 1 saint Class Jeremiah Manley and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright had been killed last October in an ISIS ambush in Niger, many Americans asked: We have soldiers in Niger? These unknown troops lost their lives protecting you – every one of you reading these phrases.    

Think about this: Millions of high-school senior citizens are walking across auditorium levels this season, receiving their diplomas. Many will go on to college or job opportunities, but some will choose a career associated with military service, joining the second era of American warriors fighting within the Global War on Terror – a war that began with all the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist assaults that took the lives associated with almost 3, 000 people within our homeland.

Most of these new recruits – who have been not even born or who were simply infants when the 9/11 attacks happened – will make it home great. But some will not. I pray which i am wrong, but the sad the fact is that the number of American war deceased on Memorial Day in 2019 will be higher than it is on this Funeral Day.    

On Memorial Day time, I salute my brothers plus sisters-in-arms who have served beside me personally in War on Terror. The heart especially goes out to the groups of those who did not return home. Actually I think about all those who offered and those who have given their life fighting for America from our county’ s earliest days in the Groundbreaking War. They all have my appreciation.

Good we are strong, but in war anybody can be turned into just a memory instantly. And war seems to have been function as the universal experience of just about every society on earth at one time or another, for as long as there have been individual societies.

How do we stop the battles resulting in such tragic waste associated with lives? How do we stop the amount of American war dead and battle dead in other nations from expanding? I wish I knew the solution. But battle lines are being attracted and redrawn, and wars plus terrorist attacks just keep going upon and on. Weapons are getting bigger. Bombs are becoming smarter and more lives are getting lost every day all over the world, leading to a lot more death, more anger and more battle.

A few are so loyal to their cause they strap bombs on their bodies or even fly passenger jets into structures. They conduct beheadings. They arranged prisoners on fire. How do we find typical ground with them? Do we actually try to find common ground, or perform we finally take the gloves away from and start landing punches intended to get our enemy out for good?

I’ ve been on over 400 Military combat missions and have seen a lot more war than most Americans. Over I care to remember, but are not able to forget. There is never a lack of war. War spreads quicker than fire and like open fire it leaves destruction in its wake up.

This hurts my heart as an United states every time I see another service member’ s body being brought home covered in an American flag. But it damages my heart as a human being along with every act of war many people are unleashing against each other around the world.

This Funeral Day, I urge all People in america to remember all the fallen sailors, troops, airmen, Marines and Coast Safeguard members who have so bravely offered our country, as well as their families.

And I desire all Americans to join me within the hope and prayer that in some way, someday people around the world will concentrate more on our similarities than the differences and that we will move nearer to a time when war is just a memory space – part of our past however, not our future.

Robert O’Neill is a Fox News contributor plus ex-Navy SEAL best known as  “ the man who killed Usama rubbish bin Laden. ” O’Neill joined the particular Navy in 1996 and used as a SEAL more than a dozen periods, participating in more than 400 combat quests across four different theaters associated with war.