Sean Spicer Dismisses Oprah Winfrey Presidential Run Because Of Inexperience

Sean Spicer either has a short memory or a very long nose, based on comments he made Monday morning regarding Oprah Winfrey .

The former White House press secretary appeared on the British TV show “ Good Morning Britain” to discuss, among other things,   Winfrey’ s  potential presidential run , which many were discussing after the media mogul received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday’ s Golden Globes.

Spicer suggested Winfrey might have problems because of her inexperience in the political arena.

She doesn’ t have the political infrastructure, ”   Spicer said. “ And we’ ve seen this before in our history — where people who have tried to pop in who are not in politics and have had a difficult time adjusting. ”

The show’ s host,   Piers Morgan   — also a former “ Celebrity Apprentice” winner — seemed like he couldn’ t believe what he was hearing.

“ Sean, Sean, Sean! ”   he said in response. “ The current president of the United States had no political experience! Sean! You were his press secretary! Have you forgotten Donald Trump?! ”

Spicer then tried to walk back his comments by saying that Trump’ s election “ proves there is an appetite for outsiders, ” but added, “ The question is, was that an anomaly or is that the new norm? And that’ s all I’ m getting at. ”

“ I 100 percent know who I used to work for! ” he said, laughing.

Although Spicer said he thought Winfrey was  “ extremely impressive, ” he didn’ t think she could beat Trump in 2020.

“ This would be the clash of titans. Hands down Donald Trump [would win], but I think Oprah would give him a run for his money, ” he said.

Though Winfrey told Bloomberg Sunday night that she had no current plans to run for president, longtime partner Stedman Graham said to the LA Times , “ It’ s up to the people. She would absolutely do it. ”