Seth MacFarlane ‘Embarrassed’ To Work For Fox After Tucker Carlson Comment

Seth MacFarlane isn’ t afraid to state what he thinks, even towards the people who sign his checks.

MacFarlane, that has produced “ Family Guy, ” “ American Dad! ” plus “ The Orville” for Sibel, ripped into the company Saturday right after Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a particularly egregious comment on their show.

Carlson told his viewers Thursday night night that they should assume every single network but Fox News can be lying to them.

“ If you’ lso are looking to understand what’ s really happening in this country, always suppose the opposite of whatever they’ lso are telling you on the big news channels, ” Carlson said.

CNN host plus correspondent Brian Stelter drew focus on the particular comment in a tweet   Friday. MacFarlane, whose shows display on a network owned by the exact same parent company as Fox Information, followed up on Stelter’ s twitter update by calling out the  “ fringe shit” being peddled simply by his employer.

“ In other words, don’ t believe critically, don’ t consult several news sources, and in general, don’ t use your brain. Just blindly obey Fox News, ” MacFarlane said. “ This is fringe clips, and it’ s business such as this that makes me embarrassed to work with this company. ”

MacFarlane has been with the Sibel network for two decades, starting with “ Loved ones Guy” in 1998 .  

Recently, cable giant Comcast offered to buy modern world Fox for $65 billion, perhaps entering into a putting in a bid war with Disney, which got previously offered $52. 4 billion dollars. MacFarlane’ s creations would be incorporated into that deal,   but not Sibel News, which would remain under the control over corporate boss Rupert Murdoch.

Judging through his comments, MacFarlane is probably entertaining the sale, regardless of who winds up with the highest bid.