Seven-year-old girl hikes Mount Kilimanjaro in honor of late dad, breaks record

One seven-year-old girl from Tx had quite the spring split adventure, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro within Tanzania and becoming the most youthful female ever to successfully achieve the famed summit at nineteen, 341 feet.

From March ten to March 16, Montannah Kenney of Austin trekked Africa’ t tallest mountain alongside her mother Hollie Kenney, a former professional triathlete, and smashed a world record in the process. Hollie told Fox Information that though the trip had always been a dream for the mother-daughter duo, the actual plans for the hike had been set into motion quite rapidly after they learned in late January that the eight-year-old had climbed Kilimanjaro within the summer.


The mother-daughter pair planned the trip in the month-and-a-half.   (Hollie Kenney)

Despite the time crisis, Hollie recalls that they agreed preparing the trip quickly would be beneficial “ when we potentially realized it may be world record, and how cool that might be for her, setting her up in every area of your life to do some pretty amazing things. ”

“I knew she had spring burglary March and we planned the entire vacation in a month-and-a-half, ” the mom more divulged to ABC News .

The Kenney’ s trained with hikes at the weekends at home in Austin before soaring to Africa, where they kicked off their trip with a manual and support staff of twenty five people. Hollie said that though this “ snowed and rained every single day” of their daunting trek, Montannah never complained.

Despite snow and rainfall through their entire hike, Montannah never complained.   (Hollie Kenney)

“She certainly not, ever questioned what she has been doing, ” she told HURUF. “Every day I asked Montannah if this was harder or simpler than she thought it would be, every day she answered, ‘Easier. ‘”


Whenever they at last reached the summit on 8 a. m. on 03 16, Hollie said that Montannah had been “ really looking” in the sky on her father, who struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and died one week before her third birthday celebration.

Montannah and their tour guide reveal at the top of the mountain.   (Hollie Kenney)

“ Regardless, [the hike] place my daughter in the clouds nearer to where her dad is which just made her happy, ” she told Fox News from the “ dreamy” experience of arriving at the particular summit.

Playing in the snow on the way over the mountain and enjoying a relaxing holiday complete with two safaris and period on the beach before flying back again stateside, Hollie says that the lady and Montannah will look back around the trip fondly for years to come.

“This really was a cool thing for her and it’ s kind of setting her upward in life for some pretty amazing things, inch Kenney said. “To be able to supply the ability for Montannah to follow the dream that she wants to perform, there’ s no price tag. inch

The particular Kenney’ s have set up the GoFundMe page to raise money and awareness for EMDR treatment for those struggling with PTSD, in honor of Montannah’ s father and inspired by way of a incredible Kilimanjaro hike.


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