Some officials wanted Stoneman Douglas suspect Nikolas Cruz committed in 2016, report says

A few school counselors and officials had been so concerned about the mental balance of Nikolas Cruz, accused within last month’ s Florida college massacre, that they reportedly decided to have got him forcibly committed more than a season before the shooting.

However , the suggestion was never acted upon.

Documents in the lawbreaker case against Cruz showed that will school officials at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and a sheriff’s mouthpiece recommended in September 2016 that will Cruz be involuntarily committed with regard to mental evaluation under Florida’s Baker Act for at least three times, according to The Associated Press.

The documents, a part of Cruz’s criminal case in the capturing, showed that he had written the word “kill” in a notebook, told a classmate that he wanted to buy a gun and employ it, and had cut his arm apparently in anger because he had split up with a girlfriend. He also informed another student he had drunk gas and was throwing up. Calls acquired even been made to the FBI regarding the possibility of Cruz using a gun in school.

Students are seen fleeing Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where Nikolas Cruz is accused of having slain 17 people.   (AP)

The documents had been provided by a psychological assessment program initiated by Cruz’s mother known as Henderson Behavioral Health. The files showed a high school resource official who was also a sheriff’s deputy plus two school counselors recommended within September 2016 that Cruz become committed for mental evaluation below Florida’s Baker Act. That regulation allows for involuntary commitment for psychological health examination for at least 3 days.

Such an involuntary commitment also is a high obstacle if not a complete hurdle to legally obtaining a firearm, like the AR-15 rifle used in the Stoneman Douglas massacre on Feb. fourteen, authorities said.


Nikolas Cruz is observed during a hearing flanked by their lawyer Diane Cuddihy.   (AP)

When arrived at by Fox News, the unique counsel for the school district may not confirm the existence of the documents.

There is no proof Cruz was ever committed. Somehow, the school resource officer who suggested that Cruz be “Baker Acted” was Scot Peterson — exactly the same Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy which resigned amid accusations he did not respond to the shooting by remaining outside the building where the killings happened.

Jesse S. Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor, said that an involuntary commitment is a huge red flag had Cruz attemptedto buy a firearm legally.

“If he had humiliated, hopefully the verification of the type would have pulled up the commitment documents, ” Weinstein said.

The documents failed to say why Cruz was not dedicated under the Baker Act or regardless of whether he may not have qualified for some other reasons. The law allows a law enforcement official such as Peterson to initiate dedication under the Baker Act.

An attorney for Peterson did not immediately respond to an email looking for comment Sunday.

Stoneman Douglas High School students mourn the death of their classmates following a gunman opened fire and wiped out 17 people.   (AP)

Cruz, 19, had been charged in a 34-count indictment along with killing 17 people and wounding 17 others in the attack. He or she faces the death penalty in the event that convicted, but his public defensive player Melisa McNeill has said he would beg guilty in return for a life jail sentence.

In the Henderson Behavioral Health files, Cruz’s mother Lynda was cited as saying she had brand new concerns about her son’s state of mind after he punched holes within a wall at their home in Parkland. The clinicians at Henderson found the home for interviews and stated Cruz admitted punching the wall structure but said he did therefore because he was upset at a separation with his girlfriend.


Cruz furthermore admitted cutting his arm having a pencil sharpener.

After a Sept. 28, 2016 interview, the documents say Jones “reports that he cut his hands 3-4 weeks ago and declares that this is the only time he’s ever cut. (Cruz) states which he cut because he was lonely, declares that he had broken up with his partner and reports that his marks had fallen. (Cruz) states which he is better now, reports that he has ceased to be lonely and states that their grades have gone back up. inch

This individual also told the clinician he or she owned only a pellet gun plus was not capable of doing “serious harm” to anyone.

The documents showed that will Cruz was very much on the adnger zone screen of mental health professionals as well as the Broward County school system, however very little apparatently was done aside from these evaluations.

Other red flags also have come up, including calls to the FBI regarding Cruz’s potential to become a school present shooter and numerous visits by county police to his home – each before his mother died within November and after, when he resided briefly with a family friend within Palm Beach County.

Again, very little had been done.

It’s not clear from the documents exactly who the recommendation was forwarded in order to or why it was not adopted up.

The Associated Press added to this report.