Stephen Colbert Rebukes Sarah Huckabee Sanders Amid Family Separations

Stephen Colbert   ripped White House press secretary  Sarah Huckabee Sanders   on Tuesday night time for reportedly balking at the concept of discussing the Trump   administration’ h policy of separating detained immigrant families .

source informed CNN on Mon that Huckabee Sanders did not wish to accomplish the White House press briefing, which was delayed for hours. In the end, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen   staunchly  defended the particular zero tolerance policy to the White House press corps.

“ Listen up, you don’ t arrive at tag out here, Sarah, ” Colbert said. “ Cuz it’ s not really you up generally there. You’ re just Donald Trump’ s mouthpiece, or whatever component the lies come out of. ”  

“ The Late Show” host continued to say that if Huckabee Sanders acquired difficulty discussing how the administration the lady works for is  putting kids in cages , she did have another choice.  

“ You could resign, ” Colbert added. “ This is the White Home,   not an abandoned Walmart . You’ re allowed to leave. ”

Check out the complete takedown in the video above.