Stephen Colbert slams Jeff Sessions for citing Bible in border policy

(CNN) Stephen Colbert came out swinging against Lawyer General Jeff Sessions on his display Thursday night.

“Now usually to talk about a news story on this display, especially a tragic one, they have to be something that everybody’s already referring to… But this story is different, as this is the conversation everyone should be getting, ” Colbert said.
“I would report you to the Apostle Paul great clear and wise command within Romans 13 to obey the particular laws of the government because The almighty has ordained the government for their purposes, ” Sessions said in a press event Wednesday. “Orderly plus lawful processes are good in them selves. Consistent, fair application of law is within itself a good and moral issue and that protects the weak, this protects the lawful. Our plans that can result in short-term separation associated with families are not unusual or unjustified. ”

Colbert took severe problem with Sessions’ remarks.
“Hey, don’t bring God directly into this, ” Colbert said. “But if he just read a bit further into Romans 13: ten, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love does no harm to the neighbor. Therefore , love is the satisfaction of the law. ‘”