Stephen Colbert: Without Due Process, ‘We’re All Undocumented Immigrants’

Chief executive Donald Trump ’ s tweet stating he didn’ t want to employ more immigration judges sparked a few ire in Stephen Colbert, web host of “ The Late Display, ” on Monday.

“ If you deny anybody due process, you deny everybody due process. At that point we’ lso are all undocumented immigrants. ’ Trigger if you can’ t show your own documents to a judge, your passport is as useless as your Blockbuster cards, ” Colbert said.

Without due procedure, “ being identified as a believe is the same as being guilty, ” Colbert said. “ It’ s such as Trump is saying, ‘ Let me take all the bad guys. ’ Well, friend, how do we know who the criminals are? ‘ They’ re those I just shot. ’ ”

For those who declare it’ s OK to send foreign people back to their countries of source without court hearings, Colbert stated: “ Well, hold it immediately, imaginary voice in my head. Since the Supreme Court has repeatedly kept that ‘ the due procedure requirements of 5th and fourteenth Amendments apply to all persons, which includes those in the U. S. illicitly, illegitimately, criminally, dishonestly, improperly. ’ ”

Then using a voice Colbert uses to portray Trump, he or she said: “ Well, what do you anticipate from the failing U. S. Metabolism? Low-energy Founding Fathers had awful ratings. None of them – not many individuals know this – none of them had been born in the United States. I say all of us ship them back to the thirteen colonies. ”

Check out the video over to hear what Colbert said concerning the possibility that judges could be tainted… or not.